Distant from the Crowd was started in 2017 by three people who wanted to create a production group in order to work with film and sound. Our collective has now branched into several realms to include visual art, events, and solo productions. By embracing the diversity of the arts, DFTC has grown to be something special.

We are always evolving with the artists in our community. By having a diverse collection of mediums and individuals, ideas and opportunities are constantly coming into the our zones. By connecting and embracing each artist’s talent, the community grows stronger. The identity of DFTC is as fluid as the artist themself.

Events have become a large aspect of the collective in the last years. Appreciating the in-person contact is something which we are trying to focus on when the value is being lost in the digital age. Events give way for collaboration and communication, which was the beginning goal of this group.

We are always looking to collaborate. Contact us for various inquiries or to get involved.

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