Released 28 August 2020. A music video by Harry Kalvin. Music by cap’ncuz.
Released 23 October 2019. A short documentary about performer Fawley The Clown by Harry Kalvin.
Released 16 January 2020. An experimental film by Natalie Davis.
“Creeping into the darker side of the things which we have constructed and have become useless, matched with the lighter side of the things we continue to engineer. Euphoria and depth provide the main messages. Ambiguity highlights the secret meanings. A film made for the individual to interpret.”
Released 2 December 2017. A music video by Harry Kalvin.
Released 10 October 2019. An experimental film by Natalie Davis and Ali Abourehab.
“Displaying the feeling of the open road and a confusing reality, Davis and Abourehab meditate with the euphoria of the new. Embracing color, sound, imagery, and contrast. City vs. back country, fast vs. slow, full vs. empty.”
Released 29 June 2018. A self-portrait short film by Leo Levy.
Released 6 December 2017. Alternative music video by Mariam Shaath.
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