The challenge was posted through social medias and was open to anyone and everyone. Artists were given about three weeks to conspire a piece related to activism. All mediums were accepted, and we received a large variety of artistic expression. All credit is displayed to the individual artists along with their Instagram account. Thank you to all who participated and kept creating during these times.

Sandy Wall (@sandyysmiles)
Natalie Davis (@n.mdavis)
Nsomniak (@sleepwalker40)
Sandy Wall (@sandyysmiles)
Carol Ceja (@karolime_)
Gordon Pym (@the_pym21)
Lauren Patt (@laurenn.patt)
Gerardo Hernandez (@riceandbeads)
Mariam Ramy (@mrmrmyarts)
Sandy Wall (@sandyysmiles)
Daniel Carillo (@danielhasaprblm)
Amina Salem (@aminasstudio)
Brandon Kristy (@brandonkristy)
Rachel Sall (@raaycheelll)

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international production collective

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