Ted Titus is a conceptual photographer hailing from California. Originally starting as an illustrator Ted made the decision very early to not sacrifice creative freedom by using the camera as a tool for documentary purposes but instead to build images which would reflect on aspects of his life and views in a non-direct and largely immediately unclear sense. Usually working in studio with live models he obscures the models through a variety of ways. Be it through wrapping the camera in plastic wrap first or building costumes using cloth, body paint, clay, and various other tools in order for the individuality or personality of the model to be phased out and in its place the caricature of Ted’s subject to be formed. Though not entirely left up to the viewer to make sense of the image the cryptic nature of these images, paired with a usually bare background, is intended to create a cerebral experience as the viewer gathers the intent of the work from the composition and body language presented within the image.


“Care in a Vacuum”
“Digitalized Model Deconstruction”
“It Takes Guts”
“Stationary Goon”

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international production collective

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