“Hello, my name is Taeyoung Oh.
As a photographer, I use my nickname ‘Oilly’.
My work focuses mostly on the city.
I try to catch easily missable moments in the places people are used to.
Through the lenses, I love to grasp the sentiment in systematically organized structure of the city.
I seek the beauty bridging the gap between cold cities and warm sentiments.
Photos attached are my favorites, which reflect my state of mind in some degree.”

Colors in Berlin

“As a symbol of division and unity between East and West Germany, Berlin is known for rough and desolate images in the chaos after the opposition and the reconciliation of both regimes in the Cold War. The media shows the dark and achromatic image of Berlin, through the very old Berlin concrete wall that can feel lonely and depressed. For a while, I’ve imagined like that as well. However, this city has more colors than anywhere else I’ve been to. So many colors can be discovered at the apartment complex, while taking the subway, in the longn windows. In the moment of normal daily life. These photographs are taken in many local places in Berlin, that have various colors and are made of different material. I look forward to changing your prejudice of Berlin through my photos. This city is more colorful and charming than you thought.”

City Mood

“This photo was taken at the HanRiver in Seoul in winter. I ran into this scenery when I was walking around a lot to capture as diverse faces of the city as possible, after deciding to be a photographer. You can see the smoke above the city meeting with the short winter sun, creating a unique atmosphere overall. The photo shows the mingling of three different elements, namely the suffocating air of the city,
beautifully thrown fogginess and icy cold river of winter.
Shot in Seoul, South Korea, in January 2017.
In Spring in Seoul, the sky is covered with yellow and fine dust, like it is filtered. This scenery in the photo is what I saw while taking a walk when it was too difficult to see through the dust, and even to breathe. The photo itself looks like an ink-and-wash painting in Goryeo or Joseon Dynasty. Buildings rise above as mountain ranges and the monotone sky is as if it were drawn with ink, which was, ironically beautiful.
Shot in Seoul, South Korea, in April 2017.
Cities nowadays grow larger, removing traces of the pace. All the old things are regarded as outdated, and new technology substitutes them. Berlin is also losing its past due to city development. A city moving towards the future is shown in this photo through its two faces represented as a church (Berliner Dom), the trace of the past and TV tower (Fehrnsehturm), the symbol of modern times.
Shot in Berlin, Germany, in December 2019.
Ferris wheels always appear in the festivals of the city. Even though people are used to living as components of the city, they fall in love with the mood of the festival as soon as it begins. The mood gets deeper, when the planes create clouds above a beautiful sunset. This is the moment when we find a sentimental scene in the city without any nature.
Shot in Berlin, Germany, in December 2019.
The more urbanization, the more buildings are in our lives. As we are surrounded by buildings, it gets dreary around the riverside and the parks where we get to rest. Still, there’s a young couple taking their time off. With this photo, I wanted to show how the nature of human beings adjusting to changing surroundings and staying as it is.
Shot in Berlin, Germany, in August 2018.

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